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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is 4 u... happy aniversary, dear.

if i write u letter
you won't have place to live anymore..
your dorm, class or even home will fully occupied by them. :P
so,,, this entry is representing my self,, HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY.

it's all started when u started sending me a massage...
"knal x ni sape?"
 i was jus like,, ok mane tau sape,, and then i call u and u pick and said
"ini haziq lah"
ok,, i was quite shocked.. it's been a long time,, my brain starts to process all the data, open back the long-closed file,, and i found it,, and yes,  u were there.
i reply,, "owh haziq"
and the conversation continues.. :P

as the time passes by~

ur nice treat.. attractive manner,,, they comforts me,, so i can't keep going on except with you.

remember our bet for our final exam when we are form 2?
that i have to become your gf if i lose and you have to sing me a song if u lose.. at the end~ i win!
how cute when u're singing the song 'fall for u'.
not juz an ordinary.. it keeps my heartbeat faster~ haha

14 March 2010.. it's the red-letter..

u approach me nicely, haziq, u ask me to be your gf... even there is a slight uncertain in my heart,, but i believe,, u're a nice's the day when i first accept u as a part of my life,,, :)


tyme passed by,,, busy in study,, i neglected u somehow,,
we had fight~ it was a dark history of my lifetyme


we're meet in samura,, and we've become closer,,
u've keep sending me regards.. wished my birthday,, giving me presents, u keeps being around for each my forward steps.,hearing my problems... oh yeah i realized i can't take my eyes of u,,.
there is no reason for me not falling in love each day for u, haziq,

thx for coming back again in my life, haziq,, and here we are,,

i'm sorry if i did mistakes,,, and also i love you, :)

p/s: :)